Teddington artists appeal for packaging and bubble wrap to re-use, as sales soar at new pop-up gallery

  Posted: 04.06.21 at 10:48 by Ellie Brown

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Teddington artists at 1of1Design want to use YOUR unwanted bubble wrap and packaging as they seek a more sustainable way of selling art at their new pop-up gallery .

The South-West London art collective is calling on any organisation that is inundated with packaging from deliveries to let them know, so they can collect it and use it to securely wrap up their art for customers.

Founder and Hampton Wick resident Kate Winskill says sales are booming at the group's recently opened gallery in Ealing and asked the community to help make this a sustainable success.

"We are already aiming to buy only biodegradable wraps from new, and when doing free delivery of big art locally we use blankets or reusable silver bags," Kate said.

"But we are really keen to get our hands on old packaging to protect our artwork when customers collect.”

"If you have a shop or organisation where large items are delivered wrapped in plastic bubble wrap, we would love the chance to collect it and re-use.

“It’s a great packaging material that really needs to be re-used and if anyone in the Teddington, Kingston, Hampton Wick area has any quantities they want to dispose of we can collect !

If you have bubble wrap or packaging you'd like to dispose of sustainably, email Kate on [email protected] and she can collect, or you can drop it off directly at the Pop Up Gallery near Tesco at the Ealing Broadway centre.

Check out the 1of1Design website HERE .

Have you been to the new pop-up gallery in Ealing? Let us know!

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