Up Close with... Vicki Harrison-Carr Co-op member pioneer co-ordinator

This week Teddington Nub News is going up close with Vicki Harrison-Carr, the Member Pioneer Co-ordinator for Co-op in West London.

Member Pioneers can be colleagues or Members of the community. They create local action plans that mean Co-op can provide support at a local level. They work very closely with the Local Community Fund recipients which are Local Causes that are supported by the local Co-op Members. They can be charities, local community groups or food banks.

Vicki told us about her background, how she got the role and the future plans for the Co-op in Teddington.


"I come from an education background. I used to run a school for emotionally unstable teenagers before being made redundant last year.

"During lockdown I became the Member Pioneer for Harefield, Ickenham, Northwood and Ruislip before being promoted to Member Pioneer Co-ordinator six months later."

Why the Co-op?

From the start of her career with the Co-op, Vicki been seriously impressed with them.

She said: "The Co-op has the community spirit you don't see with other supermarkets.

"Some corporates only make a token effort engaging with the community but the Co-op's efforts are sustainable."

It was this sustainability that impressed Vicki and made her join the Co-op.

Best bits of the job and being a Member Pioneer

“Connecting people” is what Vicki enjoys most about her role.

She also told us what makes a great Member Pioneer.

Vicki said: "You need to connect the Co-op with as much of the community as possible..

"By bringing residents together you can find out the local issues and work on them. Well-being and mental health are also very important and the grass-roots causes that we work with cover those areas."

To find out more about Co-op's Member Pioneers and how you can cooperate with them in your community, follow the link here coop.co.uk/member-pioneers.

When Co-op Members buy own-brand products and services, 2p for every £1 spent goes to support local causes and community organisations. To find out more about Membership, follow the link here coop.co.uk/membership.

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