Teddington 'Beach' fills up as temperatures soar

  Posted: 31.07.20 at 16:13 by The Editor

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Once again Teddington Bridge and 'Beach' have filled up with people again today.

Multiple pictures have surfaced on Twitter of predominantly young people filling the area around the bridge.

Temperatures have soared to the highest of the year today with the heat in Teddington having reached at least 35 degrees Celsius.

One eyewitness described the scene on Twitter:

"Hordes of kids, jumping off the bridge, climbing on our boats and shouting at everything.

"Do kids not have to stick to social distancing or are they exempt?

Credit: Teddington Harbour

"The bottom end of Teddington is a lawless free for all."

It remains the RNLI advice to stay vigilant when by the Thames.

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