London Fire Brigade remind public to charge their devices safely after fire at Teddington hotel

  Posted: 08.04.21 at 15:45 by Ellie Brown

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The London Fire Brigade have warned the public to make sure they charge their devices safely after a lithium-ion bike battery caused a small fire at a Teddington hotel.

Firefighters were called to the Teddington Travelodge on Station Road at 8.23am last Saturday to deal with the fire, which had led to 40 people being evacuated from the building.

The fire was under control by 8.50am and there were no reports of any injuries.

Fire investigators at the Brigade believe the fire was caused by the failure of the battery pack of an electric bike that was on charge in a hotel room.

A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade said: “The fire was discovered when the occupant heard a loud bang and saw a small fire around the battery pack for an electric bicycle that was on charge at the end of the bed.

“Batteries can present a fire risk if they’re over-charged, short circuited, submerged in water or damaged, so it’s really important to protect them against being damaged and charge them safely.

“Unplug devices once they have finished charging and make sure you use the right charger for your device.”

The Brigade’s Fire Investigators believe the fire was caused by the failure of a lithium-ion battery pack that was on charge.

Here is the London Fire Brigade's advice on how you can make sure your devices are charged safely:

- Always use the charger that came with your electrical item
- If you need to buy a replacement, always choose a branded, genuine product from a supplier you can trust.
- Avoid storing, using or charging batteries at very high or low temperatures.
- Protect batteries against being damaged – that's crushed, punctured or immersed in water.
- Don’t leave items continuously on charge after the charge cycle is complete – it's best not to leave your phone plugged in overnight for example.
- Never cover chargers or charging devices – that includes using your laptop power lead in bed.

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