Kindred Business Networking - In Person Networking Event - Thurs Jan 20th

Royal Mid Surrey Golf Club Richmond Upon Thames
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join us in Person in Richmond Upon Thames, Guests are welcome to attend their first event before joining as a member

A close-knit collective of diverse businesses who work together to increase their combined reach of clients and collaborators across South West London and beyond.

An organic business network i.e. one built from recommendations that are based on quality and experience rather than obligatory network referrals.

This is a place where we celebrate diversity and what we have in common - growing our businesses. We share best practice, knowledge, recommendations for our businesses to grow and flourish with integrity, humor and a collaborative spirit.

You will enjoy the following:
* Make new connections
* Network in small breakout groups
* Join our Private FB group to promote your business
* Build new relationships

You will have the opportunity of introducing your business to all guests and to network informally in smaller groups

Even if you are not a member you may join us as a GUEST we will make you feel very welcome

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