Park Lane Stables features on BBC Breakfast and raises record amount as million pound goal in reach

  Posted: 18.02.21 at 09:36 by Cameron Eyles

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It has been a monumental fundraising day for Park Lane Stables.

We have covered the fundraiser since day one but with just a week to go they look set to secure their £1 million goal.

This money of course will be used to buy the stables from their landlord who wants to sell the land.

This morning the Stables appeared on BBC Breakfast.

The appearance has kickstarted a fundraising surge as they have already raised over £800,000 - despite being on just over £500,000 just yesterday.

There is now real hope and optimism that the £1 million goal can be reached before next week.

This is of course the second national TV appearance from the Teddington stables after Rob Brydon promoted them on Good Morning Britain on ITV.

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