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  Posted: 20.04.20 at 22:26 by Catherine Carrere

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Teddington Choral Society is in lockdown like most of the community organisations but we would like to take some time to tell you a bit more about us and how we are facing this period of time.

Teddington Choral Society was created in 1951 and since then has being performing a wide range of musical genres from Oratorios to more contemporary pieces and to a selection of lighter music.

The last two years have seen an increase in membership which has brought the choir to perform in much larger venues.

The choir is very lucky to be accompanied by the amazing Phil Culling at the piano and to have appointed a new Musical Director in February 2019, the wonderful Julian Collings, who has brought an added enthusiasm to the choir and maintains and improves its abilities.

Members' abilities are also supported with regular workshops, sectional rehearsals and music lessons.

Teddington Choir is a very friendly choir and is a great asset to the local Arts scene. We rehearse on Mondays from 19:45 to 21:45 at St Catherine School, Cross Deep, Twickenham TW1 4QJ.

Christmas concert 2019

Unfortunately, due to the general situation Teddington Choral Society decided some weeks ago to cancel its concert programme on March 28th. It was a very difficult decision to take but definitely necessary. The concert which was featuring Brahms Requiem in German is now postponed until September 20th. We really hope that we will be able to perform this beautiful composition which is so powerful and moving at the same time.

In the meantime the choir has organised itself to allow the singers to practice their repertoire for the Summer concert programmed on July 18th: "TCS goes to the movies".

Recordings, videos from our accompanist and our Musical Director are available for our members to keep singing and practicing.

The choir has some other project in mind to maintain the singers' enthusiasm and singing practice.

A weekly letter is still provided to our members to keep them informed and support them with some guidance and ideas of activities to undertake from home and cultural and artistic programmes to enjoy online.

Brahms requiem concert postponed

As with tradition Teddington Choral Society's summer concerts propose an original theme with a wide range of musical genres.

Last year concert "Opera Choruses from Baroque to Rock" had the audience in raptures with a repertoire featuring Purcell, Rossini, Gershwin, Lloyd Webber and many more.

We hope to be soon able to perform for our audience again!

Visit our website (www.teddingtonchoral.co.uk) and social medias for all updates and photo galleries.

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