Teddington: Christmas vaccination plea from the Council - plus the borough's latest Covid-19 stats

  Posted: 23.11.21 at 18:38 by Rory Poulter and Ellie Brown

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Richmond Council chiefs are urging people to get their covid jab ahead of the festive season and the winter strain on NHS services.

Anyone aged 40 to 49 who is double-vaccinated can now book an appointment for their covid-19 booster jab - though to be eligible you need to have had your second vaccine six months ago.

Teenagers aged 16 and 17, who previously were only eligible for one dose, can also now book their second jab if it's been 12 weeks since the first one.

Scientific data shows third or 'booster' jabs top up protection against symptomatic COVID-19 to above 90 per cent.

And there is a particular urgency to get vaccinations if people are to get together safely over the festive season, Richmond Council leader Gareth Roberts has said.

He said: "Over the next few five weeks, we will all be making plans to see our friends and family.

"Therefore, I would urge everyone to get their vaccine whether their first, second or top-up dose as soon as possible, giving them and their loved ones vital protection over winter and the festive period.

"We know that protection from the vaccine does wane over time after the first two doses. Therefore, it is important that everyone eligible for a booster jab, gets one.

"The evidence is clear, the top up will help reduce the likelihood of having symptoms if you catch COVID-19. And, as we hurtle towards winter, the NHS needs us to do all we can to help reduce pressure on their services."

Covid-19 cases in Richmond upon Thames also continue to be higher than the UK average.

In the 7 days up to 18 November, the borough's confirmed case rate was 520.3 - about 100 more than the UK's.

Teddington is somewhat excepted from this as 2 out of 3 of its wards, Teddington Central and Hampton Wick and Teddington East, both have rates in the 300s. However, Teddington North had a spread of 470.8 cases per 100,000 people.

Across the borough, there were a total of three deaths linked to confirmed covid cases (28 days after a positive covid-19 test.)

Richmond's covid-vaccine take-up so far has been high with 288,396 total doses given.

76.9% of people in the borough have received their first dose and 70% have been double-jabbed.

First, second and booster vaccinations can be booked HERE.

Walk-in covid jabs are also available at the Harlequins Rugby Ground in Twickenham - see here for more information.

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