"We have been made very welcome": Park Lane Stables settle in to new Petersham home

  Posted: 08.06.21 at 17:39 by Ellie Brown

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Teddington's Park Lane Stables have released an update on their move to new premises in Petersham after new photos emerged giving a first look into the stables' temporary home.

In a post on Facebook today, the stables said transition to their new location has been smooth and the horses are happy.

There has been no disruption with their Riding for the Disabled service and participants are able to use a variety of transport methods to get to the new location, they added.

Park Lane Stables said: "This is just a post to reassure everyone that our horses and ponies are settled and happy in their temporary home.

"They have moved as a herd with humans that they know and they know they are loved.

"They have everything they need so for them the transition has been smooth.

The indoor stables (Credit: Cathy Cooper)

"Our Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) participants are all managing to get to us either on the bus, train or ferry and we have not had a break in their service.

"We have been made very welcome in this uncertain time and the kindness we have received has really helped us."

The news comes after photos emerged for the first time of the stables in their new Petersham premises.

The pictures were taken by local resident and Bushy Park volunteer ranger Cathy Cooper, who visited the stables last week.

Cooper travelled to the stables using Hammertons Ferry which takes passengers across the Thames from Marble Hill Park to Ham House.

The outdoor stables (Credit: Cathy Cooper)

She said of her visit: "Intrigued by the temporary home that Park Lane Stables has moved to, I rocked up there today.

"For me this involved walking from Twickenham Green to the riverside near Marble Hill Park, getting Hammertons Ferry across to Ham, walking up past Ham House then turning left to follow the Polo Club.

"I got to a big white gate and there was the Park Lane Stables sign.

"Straightaway I met lovely David [a volunteer at the stables] who is teaching me Natural Horsemanship leading a first group outing into unknown territory.

"I met the owner of Manor Farm Stables and then Daniel gave me a tour. Indoor stables, outdoor stables, and backing onto the Polo Club stables.

Park Lane Stables volunteer Daniel took Cathy on a tour of their temporary new home (Credit: Cathy Cooper)

"I took little Polly for a walk with Mahmoud and Marcus then sat at a picnic table and watched all the polo ponies being exercised.

"Everyone was friendly and happy and it felt like the holiday that they all deserve during these uncertain events.

"I left feeling much better and got the ferry back across the beautiful Thames thinking how lucky am I to have all this around me."

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Signage from the stables' old premises in Teddington (Credit: Cathy Cooper)

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