Teenager saved by RNLI after trying to swim Thames in Teddington

  Posted: 01.06.21 at 16:32 by The Editor

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A teenager was saved by RNLI lifeboat volunteers after he tried to swim across the Thames in Teddington yesterday.

The boy was one of a group of five who entered the river for a dip as temperatures soared on the Bank Holiday Monday 31 May .

But he was suddenly unable to swim any further and had to be rescued by two quick-thinking Teddington RNLI volunteer crew who threw a rescue bag after they noticed the boy's head go under the water.

The RNLI are now urging parents to remind their children that swimming in the Thames can cause cold water shock, a dangerous condition which can lead to drowning , even on hot days.

In a statement on social media Teddington RNLI said: "Yesterday five teenagers tried to swim across the Thames in Teddington.

"One of them was suddenly unable to swim any further.

"Luckily two Teddington RNLI volunteer crew saw his head go under the water and resurface, and used a throw bag to help him to safety.

"Parents, please tell your children that the water is still cold in the Thames even when it's hot outside.

"This can cause cold water shock which can render you helpless in the water.

"For further details see phttps://rnli.org/safety/respect-the-water.

"If you see someone in trouble in the River Thames please dial 999 and ask for the coastguard #RNLI #Thames."

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