Teddington MP slams Chancellor for prioritising booze over children in new budget

  Posted: 27.10.21 at 18:50 by Ellie Brown

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Teddington's MP Munira Wilson has called out the Chancellor Rishi Sunak for mentioning wine more than children in his budget speech today.

She also criticised the Conservative MP for spending "more on booze than our children."

Wilson, who has newly been appointed the Lib-Dem spokesperson for Education, took to Twitter this afternoon to express her frustrations following the presentation of Mr Sunak's budget to the House of Commons.

"The Chancellor mentioned the word "wine" twice as many times as he did either "education" or "children. Priorities?" she posted.

"Our children have been let down time and again throughout the pandemic. The Chancellor's announcement on catch-up funding is still only a third of what Govt's own adviser recommended. Failing pupils and parents yet again," she added.

Her comments came after Mr Sunak announced that £2 billion would be added to the government's catch-up fund for children who have had their education disrupted.

This takes the total spending to £5 billion, a third of what was proposed by the education catch-up 'tzar' Sir Kevan Collins earlier this year before he resigned from his position.

Ms Wilson's anger was prompted over Mr Sunak's announcement of major changes in how alcohol is taxed.

This includes a £3 billion tax cut on alchohol duty, plus tax breaks for lower-strength brews and a reduction in the price of a pint.

Sparkling wine will now be taxed at the same rate as other wines following an increase in the popularity of drinks such as prosecco.

However, these extensive reforms will be only put in place by 2023.

But despite Ms Wilson's criticisms the Chancellor did also announce funding increases for education and skills training.

He announced spending will increase by £1,500 per pupil, totalling £4.7 billion by 2024-25.

This "combined with the ambitious plans announced at the spending review of 2019 will restore per pupil funding to 2010 levels in real terms," he claimed.

Mr Sunak has also tripled funding for SEN provision and is creating 30,000 special school places.

Adult education will also see investment with government spending on training and skills programmes rising by £3.8bn over the parliament and a new adult numeracy programme called Multiply.

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