READER LETTER: Teddington police station is an eyesore and selling it is not a bad thing

  Posted: 09.09.21 at 15:57 by Isobel Wilson

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Below is a letter from our reader Isobel Wilson who lives on Teddington high street. She gives her views on housing developments in our area and why selling the police station isn't a bad thing.

Teddington Police Station is very unattractive dilapidated building.

It is detrimental to & spoils the surrounding area of pretty well kept residential cottages & houses.

It is real eyesore so good news that it will be sold off.

Hopefully a new development will be thoughtfully considered by the planners to fit in with the townscape.

It isn’t open to the public so I imagine the administration that takes place can easily be accommodated elsewhere & the money raised can help with more useful aspects of policing the area.

The Elleray Hall development shows how living standards can be improved for residents.

The community centre can continue to offer all the amenities in a modern environment & the adjacent housing for the disadvantaged & less abled is really needed. It seems so sensible and helpful for everyone.

Informer House, the new development by the railway bridge, is to be Shared Ownership - so giving people with a good wage a chance to get onto the housing ladder.

Admittedly Teddington was sold “down the river” literally with the Riverside Development which offers no social housing as far as I know.

I have to say I really do hate that half the pavement in Bridgeman Road has been marked out for Car Parking - what happened to “Pavements are for People”?

Read more about plans to sell Teddington police station

Thanks to Isobel for the letter. Readers are always welcome to get in touch with Teddington Nub News - we love hearing from you! Contact us by emailing [email protected] or clicking this link.

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