Teddington campaigner fights for the right for assisted suicide

  Posted: 20.02.21 at 10:00 by Cameron Eyles

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Angela Kilenyi has been fighting to legalise assisted suicied following the death of her husband, Tom.

Tom died in palliative care in October 2019 aged 88.

The couple had planned to travel to Switzerland for an assisted suicide procedure if his hormone therapy failed.

However his condition deteriorated and he sadly passed away before they had a chance too.

Assisted Suicide is currently illegal in the UK.

Angela, 68, said he was left in “utter agony”, suffering from extreme indigestion which saw him dehydrate and starve in a “harrowing” two weeks until his death.

Tom's death has only strengthened her beliefs that assisted suicide should be legalised in this country.

Angela has branded the current assisted suicide laws as 'medieval' as it looks as though Ireland and Scotland may legalise it.

She said: "It was a living nightmare. How can it be a humane society when we leave people to die in these circumstances? You wouldn’t leave a dog to die like this."

Ms Kilyeni works for campaign group Dignity in Dying, which is active across Richmond, Twickenham and Kingston.

The group argue people with six months or less to live should have the right to decide their own death.

Angela believes it is a 'no brainer' that the law in this country should be changed.

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